Charging Solutions has a product for all situations…
With the growing number of plug-in vehicles coming to the market, the availability of car charging points for home use is very important and Charging Solutions has a product for all situations, wherever they need to be located.

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Our Charging Products

Charging Solutions home systems are available with ‘standard’ (16A 3.2kWh) or ‘fast’ (32A 7kWh) charging capability. This means that, for example, a current Nissan Leaf could be charged in around 7-8 hours from empty at the standard charge rate and in 4-5 hours with the fast charge. Most current EV’s have an on-board charger that only accepts 16A charging, but future vehicles will have larger capacity on-board chargers to accept the faster charge rate. For home charging, a faster rate may not be necessary as the vehicle is parked for longer periods overnight. However, our 7kW 32A charging option does make your charging facility at home future proof. Our intelligent 7kW 32A systems automatically detects what charge rate can be accepted by the vehicle and adapts accordingly.

More information you can find on website  http://www.charging-solutions.com

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